Ghostkiller Directed by Amand Mastroianni

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On the day after Christmas in 1862, thirty-eight Dakota Sioux Indians were hanged  in the largest mass execution in United States history. One hundred and fifty years later, Kyle Ghostkiller has the chance to go back and save them.   

Lynny Prince’s screenplay is based on her best-selling novel, Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller, a story that's centered around true events that took place in Minnesota in 1862.


Haunted by events of the past, young American Indian Kyle Ghostkiller has just returned to his hometown to accept a medicine bundle inherited from his ancestor who was unjustly hanged in 1862. The ancient bundle contains tools that purportedly give Kyle the power to time travel. 


His reunion is cut short, however, when four reservation teenagers are found brutally murdered, making Kyle the prime suspect. With FBI Agent Lee Tarkington hot on his trail, and jilted, childhood sweetheart Nina Bolton learning to love him again, Kyle and his unwitting allies, Sheriff Mason Crow-Walker and Detective Chase Riley, escape into the past where they must act quickly to save "the 38" from the hangman’s noose and confront a supernatural dark force of tyranny before it destroys all of them.


It's a fierce battle between good and evil that Kyle must win. Only the sacred ceremonies of his forefathers and Kyle's sheer determination will save his ancestors, but can he successfully change the future for the Great Sioux Nation?


The spirits have a story to tell...

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