Stretches Plenty Pictures LLC was established in 2014 and is a limited liability company with offices near Louisville, Kentucky and Los Angeles, California. We are a film production company with a steadfast commitment to tell challenging, unique stories in compelling ways. Our goal is to create cinematic visions which span the full spectrum of style and imagination, while always striving to find the truth beneath the story.


The company's current order of business is to develop and produce GHOSTKILLER, which portrays history in an alternative form, utilizing time travel, action, suspense, and the supernatural. The unique screenplay is based on historical events and is adapted from the award winning novel Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller by Lynny Prince.


At a time when Hollywood is seeking diversification in feature film content, the producers believe that the timing for GHOSTKILLER to enter the market place and pre-production is perfect. The heart of the story has universal appeal and its riveting suspense and high stakes will attract audiences worldwide.


Stretches Plenty Pictures LLC has concluded a large portion of the development phase for the GHOSTKILLER time travel feature and is now entering the marketplace for financing, and or co-production with financing opportunities - including executive producing opportunities.


The completed budget is formulated using Kentucky’s lucrative film tax incentives and Kentucky locations – specifically around the Louisville area. The development package includes: the Writer's Script, a preliminary Shooting Script, the Budget Top Sheet, the Business Plan, and the Look Book. The completed Budget or the Budget Summary and Shooting Schedule are also available upon request.

Stretches Plenty Pictures LLC