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         Box Office Comparisons


In terms of what investors can project to possibly recoup, we offer the following films as similar models in terms of budget ($MM) and box office ($MM) - similarly targeting a prestige indie movie audience. Notably, these are mystery/thrillers that utilized the landscape as a magnetic visual draw - where trailers and poster art are the “speed dating” for films. We’re confident the mystery surrounding the magic is in the two worlds of Native and White America, time travel, battle scenes,  humor and exciting actors.


Stretches Plenty Pictures LLC

Stretches Plenty Pictures LLC was established in 2014 and is a limited liability company with offices in Louisville, Kentucky and Los Angeles, California. We are a film production company with a steadfast commitment to telling challenging, unique stories in compelling ways.

Our goal is to create cinematic visions which span the full spectrum of style and imagination, while always striving to find the truth beneath the story.

The company's current order of business is to first produce GHOSTKILLER - a one-off that spins the next two installments, GHOSTKILLER: BEYOND THE LEGEND and GHOSTKILLER: A LEGION OF WARRIORS as sequels or series content.

The GHOSTKILLER Saga portrays history in an alternative form, utilizing horror, adventure and fantasy. The unique screenplay is based on historical events and is adapted from the award-winning novel Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller by Lynny Prince.


         Stretches Plenty Pictures LLC / Ghostkkller Film  

-GHOSTKILLER is greenlight ready when fully funded for a Spring 2022 shoot..

-GHOSTKILLER is 54% funded and now seeking Private Equity partcipation.

-Welcome Evolutionary Films as International Sales Rep.  (All Media Worldwide, Non- U.S. sales. Located in London, England.

-Signs a $2.2M refundable film tax incentives agreement with the Kentucky Film Commission.

-Obtained a Letter of Investment Interest monetizing the tax agreement and is available on the front end.   







                    Plot Summary      


“A young heir to an ancient medicine bundle, who's falsely accused of murder, escapes the FBI and time jumps to 1862 where he and his companions must save thirty-eight ancestors from the hangman's noose and stop a supernatural dark force from destroying their future.”

        (Short Synopsis - Development Page)

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